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PLEASE CALL 1-800-677-1308 to order Mountain Time zone.

ALL items on this site  ALWAYS RECEIVED FREE INSURED SHIPPING within the Continental US. Interntl orders received discounted shipping and will be quoted individually. 

We no longer take online orders from this site.  All gems, jewelry, mineral orders are taken by phone personally 9-7 (Denver/Mountain Time) , 11-9 Eastern, 8-6 Western time at 01-303-575-1100 . You may also leave a voice mail 24/7 at that same number or send your order by fax to that number 24/7. We accept ZELLE Pay, Visa/MC/Discover debit or credit cards, as well. 

Professional Crystal Healers love us to for the energetic cleanliness and power of our offerings. Many resellers buy from us for their own customers.

Our gemstones and jewelry are all real and natural.  We do not sell synthetic or colored 'stones'.  Our mineral specimens are all of the highest quality.  NATURAL, untreated gorgeous! 

EVERY SINGLE PIECE IS INDIVIDUALLY selected by Imara.  We do not buy batches or lots of whatever.....the quality, not just gemologically, but also of ENERGY is a priority for The Wisdom Light and that is why we buy hand-pick each piece. 


 If you are seeking indigenous jewelry, Imara travelled personally to the Sacred Valley of Peru to obtain for you handmade, finely crafted Sterling Silver jewelry direct from the source of local materials and a woman-owned local jeweler.  Call and we are happy to send you photos of the pendants, earrings and bracelets (oh my!) Imara brought back for you, according to your interest of these finely crafted, unique sterling silver and gemstone pieces. 

Thank you for considering  when satisfying your gift-giving  list anytime of year, for any occasion....from the smallest tokens of love and gratitude, to the most important of statement pieces and special occasion jewelry.


All our  jewelry is set in real Gold, Sterling Silver or off-retail direct prices to you.

We only have a few of our pieces shown here, so call us for help and other delights of gifts from heaven, descended to earth and finely crafted into delectable baubles!

  (We have too many to list; often they are sold before we can upload their details, most being one of a kind).   Just a couple of comments from our satisfied customers and Wisdom Light jewelry collectors: 

"I am so happy .  I bought all my gifts this year from you for all the people in my life.  It was  great.  I got a great value, one of a kind gifts, and skipped the horrible mall experience."-DB, Colorado

"I am so excited about my piece from Peru that I got from you. Thank you."-SS, Texas

 What special piece is awaiting YOU or your loved one right now? 

 Like our site on your FB page & share a link to our site with your friends  on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and we'll give you an additional 10% off your first order!    CALL: 303-575-1100 or 800-677-1308



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