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ALL JEWELRY, Accessories, Gem Carvings, Small Loose Faceted Gemstones, Books, CDs ordered via this site ALWAYS RECEIVED FREE INSURED SHIPPING within the Continental US.

As 2016 comes to a finale with the US elections & an intense roller coaster of energetic waves, Wisdom Light Gems, Minerals & Jewelry----Gifts from Heaven Descended to Earth(tm)----continue to bring a soothing energy or  sparkling joy (and I do mean that literally) into the lives, homes, offices and studios of our Gemkeepers.

Professional Crystal healers love us to for the energetic cleanliness and power of our offerings. Many resellers buy from us for their own customers.

As we enter the holiday season, Imara has hand-selected for you some special new pieces.  We have NATURAL, untreated gorgeous

Smoky Quartz with rainbows,

lots of Black Tourmaline of clean energy,

unique Bubble Lepidolite to calm even the most anxious of you,

Rich Blue Kyanite in all forms

Raw Morganite

Imperial Topaz

Rare Blue-Green Morganite



All fair-traded directly from Brazil family miners. 

 PLUS, Imara travelled personally to the Sacred Valley of Peru to obtain for you handmade, finely crafted Sterling Silver jewelry direct from the source of local materials.  We finally have these beautiful pieces photographed to share with you and will be posted them on line soon.  Until then, call and we can send you photos---Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings...

Thank you for considering  when satisfying your giftgiving  list anytime of year, for any occasion....from the smallest of stocking stuffers, to the most important of statement pieces and special occasion jewelry.


All our jewelry is of real Gold, Sterling or off-retail direct prices to you.

We only have a few of our pieces shown here, so call us for help and other delights of gifts from heaven, descended to earth and finely crafted into delectable baubles!

  (We have too many to list; often they are sold before we can upload their details, most being one of a kind).   

"I am so happy .  I bought all my gifts this year from you for all the people in my life.  It was  great.  I got a great value, one of a kind gifts, and skipped the horrible mall experience."-DB, Colorado

"I am so excited about my piece from Peru that I got from you. Thank you."-SS, Texas

 What special piece is awaiting YOU or your loved one right now? 

 Like our site on your FB page & share a link to our site with your friends  on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and we'll give you an additional 10% off your first order! 

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