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Pendant- Earth Radiance

Item #: P- Goddess06

Type: Pendants

Size: 2.75"h x 1.25"w

Metal: Silver

Gems: Freshwater Pearl, Garnet, Pearl, Smoky Quartz

Description: One-of-a-kind pendant. 14 x 10mm Emerald Cut Smoky Quartz, 30 x 10mm Freshwater Pearl, 7mm Round Pearl, 4mm Round Garnet.

Chakras: 1st/Root, 2nd/Sacral, 3rd/Solar, 4th/Heart

Comments: Wearable art. This piece of stylized artistry evokes at once a modern, yet natural and organic feeling, possessing the natural flow of a babbling brook in the forest that is comforting and reliable in its fluidity.  May be worn on silver chain or collar or more formally on a pearl or stone necklace for an even more dramatic effect.

SRP: $500.00

On Special!
Wisdom Light Everyday Discount Price: $250.00
Special Price:
Shipping & Insurance: $10.00

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