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by Rev. Imara, MBA, URM, MHpn
The Wisdom Light, LLC

It is not easy to select a stone of any type or color with all the variables that exist. More now than ever, with technology increasing the ability to make real-looking imitations, purchasing gem stones can get down right scary. That aside, if you know what you are doing, selecting and purchasing gemstones and fine jewelry can be downright delightful, gratifying and a joy that is renewed every time you wear your stone.

If you are on this site, you also have the advantage of being more in touch with your intuitive guidance than the average person, which will certainly help you pick the perfect stone for you.

Just like living beings, no two natural stones are the same. (Only synthetics can be cloned or replicated exactly. ) Just like you, every natural stone is unique.

The most important reason to buy a stone is BECAUSE IT CALLS TO YOU! If a particular stone’s color ray or energetic density calls to you, heed the call. I never cease to be amazed how often I will be drawn to a particular stone for myself, a client or a friend, only to learn afterward a meaning or a use for that stone that is exactly perfect for what is needed by that person at the moment or in their life, in general.

Metaphysically speaking, do not be intimated by precious gems or semi-precious stones. They are no different than any other “crystal”, except in the aspects of rarity, price, and power. Stones DO give off their own signature and you may feel a particular inclination for one stone or another, or a particular aversion for one stone or another.

I swear that some times they have a living energy that reminds me of the devic and fairy kingdom. They seem magnetic when they call to you and seem to have a definite preference for when they are worn and where. Haven’t you had the experience when a favorite stone or piece of jewelry seems to mysteriously disappear, (often when they’ve been overused), and then magically re-appear , seemingly, out of nowhere (even though you looked in the exact place where they re-appear)?

Metaphysically, the element of POWER is not to be overlooked. Often, it is exactly the power of a stone that the healing practitioner, shaman or master energy worker is seeking. Often the most powerful or metaphysically magical stones of any lot are also the finest specimens in that lot. In other words, the price of the stone does not just betray its gemological quality. The rarity and fineness of any given stone also often correlates with its individual POWER. This aspect is something to consider if you are purchasing a stone for a purpose in which you expect a great deal of power or to mark a momentous occasion or union (such as a marriage ring or engagement stone).

So, remember, whether you are buying a $7000/carat Ruby or a $150/carat Ruby, a $10,000/carat Diamond or a $1000/carat diamond, a $30/carat Peridot or a $90 piece of Chrysocolla, always buy the best quality you can afford in your price range. Bigger is not always better. Of course, here at The Wisdom Light Gems site, you will only find the best stone for the money in every category. Imara prides herself on personally selecting only non-commercial grade, spectacular specimens of each stone in each price category.

That being said, here are some tips for buying gems:

1. Trust your inclinations and your intuition.

Feel a sense of the stone and how you resonate with it or it resonates with you.

Have you always been drawn to a certain stone, color or shape? There’s probably a reason for that…you need that stone!

2. When buying a DIAMOND, light refraction and a lack of color are the two most critical quality-determining attributes. Unless of course, you are specifically buying a rare, naturally- colored diamond (pink, yellow, blue, champagne, chocolate, black).

Cut and clarity are the two Cs that have the most to do with light refraction and brilliance. Thus, regardless of whether you desire a color-less or a naturally colored diamond, light refraction and brilliance are the qualities that distinguish this hardest of all gems.

3. When buying natural, COLOR STONES (rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, aquamarines, garnets, etc), color is the most important characteristic.

Energetically, Imara prefers natural stones; that means non-irradiated, non-diffused, non-artificially colored stones. The Wisdom Light buys stones only from established importers we know, who guarantee to Imara that no irradiation, diffusion or any other technique for artificially coloring a stone has taken place.

A practical consideration for selecting a color stone is its hardness rating. Are you buying the stone to be set into a ring, brooch, necklace, earrings? Is it for everyday wear, special occasions or a medicine or therapeutic bag?

Rubies and Sapphires are the hardest stones next to diamonds. That’s why you often find them in engagement or cocktail rings (aside from the fact they are gorgeous, rare energetically-powerful, and oh-so-romantic). They can easily be worn everyday on the hand or wrist without damage. Emeralds, on the other hand (pun intended), are a softer stone and considering their value, not recommended for everyday handwear. They are best suited for an occasional ring, or in a necklace, earrings or brooch.

There is such an available array of colors and energies, it’s easy to have a stone or jewelry piece for every outfit, occasion, mood, astrological transit, imbalance or life challenge.

Consider combining stones according to your whim or again, your own intuition.

I love Pink Tourmalines or Rubellites (Gem quality Red Tourmalines) matched with Peridot, (both heart stones) or Diamonds. Amethysts and Peridot, or Amethysts and Blue Topaz are two spectacular and powerful combinations. Gem quality blue chalcedony is a true priestess stone surrounded by diamonds. Smoky Quartz and Garnets or Orange Sapphires or Blue Topaz are rich and warm pairings. Of course, Diamonds with any precious stone (rubies, tanzanite, emeralds, sapphires…) highlight its color and maximize that stone’s brilliance.



©The Wisdom Light, 2004

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