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Spheres For Fears: How Crystals and Minerals Can Help the World

(As first published in Spheres To You, 2001, a newsletter for gemstone/mineral sphere collectors, in response to request from concerned gemstone collectors how to help the world situation after 9/11.)

by Imara, Master Psychic, Business Consultant, Visionary Teacher, REIKI Master and Crystal Worker

You are a sphere collector AND you're a compassionate citizen of the world. You want to do something to help, but you've already given blood and you may not be made of money. What can you do?

Many people are asking this very question. Actually, there is, indeed, more power than you know that you wield within your own hands and heart. Let me share with you one example of how you can tap into that power, as well as focus and magnify that power through the use of gem and mineral spheres, roughs, tumbled or faceted stones.

You can use crystals and minerals for shifting energies and for focusing attention on a specific objective. Spheres and tumbled stones especially, are excellent meditation tools as they fit so naturally and smoothly into the palm of your hand. In fact, haven't you noticed that whenever you are around a sphere or polished stone you crave touching it? It's as if there were something comforting in connecting to that cool, smooth surface.

Crystal and mineral specimens are perfect visualization tools now, as we need to create and focus more than ever on global healing. During these times of uncertainty, stress and fear, it is more important than ever to understand the power of each and every thought. "AS YE THINK SO SHALL IT BE" is a basic Universal Principle. Every deed, product or result begins with an action, every action begins with an idea, every idea begins with a single thought.

Despite that it appears you have no control over what might happen to you, you must remember that you do have the power to contribute to the general energy or atmosphere of the planet, and thereby, to the events that shape your own personal world. This power is through your own thoughts. Every thought you have energetically bleeds or radiates from you into the atmosphere, as if your body is a broadcast antenna for a radio station. What kind of programming are you sending out to the world? Do you contribute fear, hate, angst and greed? Do you contribute honor, integrity, security, peace?

Let's now focus attention on how to use your thoughts to work with Crystal Spheres to focus and magnify your thoughts!

First: Know that the most important element of any such work is INTENTION.
For our purposes of contributing to the stability of earth healing and world peace, consider or picture the sphere that you choose as a representation of the earth as you wish to heal it. Imagine the sphere in your hand as the earth. Imagine that the earth is on the path to healing and that the qualities of this sphere contribute to that healing.

Second: Remember that the power is WITHIN YOU.
The magic is not in the crystalline matrix by itself; the magic is within your intent and concentration to use that matrix as an object of focus. This is most important. God is the source of all Light. We are but the instruments of the Light, and the tools we use--such as crystal spheres--are the tools by which we fine-tune those instruments.

Third: Secure yourself and your workspace.
Whenever you begin meditation, visualization, thought form or energy work, create a quiet space that will not be disturbed. Turn off your phones, pagers, etc. Have the kids go play. Say a prayer of intention and surround yourself with the pure, white Light of God. Affirm that you are "only available to the highest Truth, Wisdom and Light."

Taking the chosen sphere within the palm of your hand (or under the palm of your hand if it is a large sphere) imagine the earth as this sphere. Imagine the earth having the properties characteristic of this sphere's mineral (see below for recommended minerals). See the earth as you know it wrapped or encircled by an aura of the color of this mineral. Focus on holding that energy to the earth. From your heart, see a pure stream of white light move through your left arm, hand and palm to surround the sphere you hold within that palm in a final layer of gleaming white light. As you do this, simultaneously see the white light radiate, shine, pulse with life and seamless beauty around the planet earth we call home.

Fifth: Complete
When you feel you or the energy is complete, bring yourself back to center and return to the present moment. Before you put your sphere back in place, wash it in cool running water, giving thanks for the service of healing it has performed and consecrating it once again for the highest Truth, Wisdom and Light.

Suggested Minerals:

I've been asked to comment on a few attributes about key stones relevant to Earth Healing and the current concerns about Middle Eastern based terrorism:

Rose Quartz - Peaceful relations. Unconditional Love, Friendship, Forgiveness. A gentle heart healer and soother, a foundational 'must have' in any basic collection for healing, whether for personal or global purposes. Every home needs to have rose quartz in it for enhancing harmony and peaceful relations.

Carnelian - Very important right now. The second chakra of the planet is way out of whack as a whole and especially in the Middle East, where extremist, oppressive, radicals wish to have their way with the world and women are second-class (if even that) beings. Carnelian is very helpful for opening the heart, enhancing alignment with the inner self, social interactions and joy. Carnelian is an underutilized, but powerful healer that is especially important to this planet; one of my favorites for balancing energy of male-female oppression.

Chrysacolla - Looking at this stone, it is as if you are looking at a satellite photo of the earth. Brings us into alignment with Mother Earth by balancing our emotions and unblocking positive, creative expression, power and communication.

Lepidolite - A refined but warm energy. Soothing, healing of mental chaos, over-the-top energy (has a high lithium content), enabling one to better express one's inner light. Excellent bedside sphere for sleep disturbances or insomnia as you worry about the world issues.

Lapis Lazuli - Prized by the Ancient Egyptians, this stone aids the opening of your intuitive and clairvoyant abilities, mental clarity and spiritual illumination. Helps communication with your higher self and the Divine realm.

Turquoise - Highly valued as a healing stone by Native Americans, turquoise helps align chakras and enhance creative expression, communication in general, a peaceful mind and emotional balance. For these reasons, it is a good stone of friendship.

Citrine - Citrine is good now because one of its associations is the raising of self-esteem and purging of self-destructive tendencies, while connecting one to one's higher self. I find it a strong mental clarifier. All of this has a tendency to improve one's ability to attract wealth, creating the reputation of Citrine to be associated with attracting abundance, critical to our struggling economy.

Tip: Hold Turquoise in one hand and Carnelian in the other hand as you do the work described above. Very powerful and complete energy!

And that's one way you can work with your spheres to project peace and healing to this troubled, but beautiful planet and the people upon it.

Imara is a leading Master Intuitive, Business Consultant, Visionary Teacher, REIKI Master and Energy Worker. She is featured in the best-selling book "100 Top Psychics in America" by Cooper and Noble. She and her work have appeared in US News and World Report, LA Times, Rocky Mountain News, Sacramento Bee, and on numerous television and radio shows. For more information, go to or reach her via phone at (303) 575-1100.

©Imara and The Wisdom Light, LLC, 2001. All Rights Reserved

Imara Bowling For World Peace using Pure Quartz Bowls

Imara ‘Bowling ♪’ for World Peace using Pure Quartz at
Mile Hi Church, Lakewood, CO

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