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Black Tourmaline Protection 4-set  NEW!

Item #: BTPS-202gr

Size: 4 pieces totalling 202 grams/7 oz

Gems: Tourmaline, Black

Description: Every home, office, healing studio, bedroom needs at least one set of protective black tourmaline.   These stones are powerfully energetic and every one is hand-picked for their energy and then hand-matched by Imara into sets of 4, one for each of the 4 directions of North, South, East, West. Place in a window in each direction of your home or in a single room or office or business.  Cleanse periodically.

Chakras: 1st/Root


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Source: Minas Gerais, Brasilian Family Miners

Wisdom Light Everyday Discount Price: $16.50
Shipping & Insurance: $0.00

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