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Orange Calcite Frog on Black Calcite Base

Item #: Calcite Frog

Size: 1.5" tall x 1.25" wide on 1.9" oval ca

Gems: Calcite

Description: Beautiful mini-sculpture of an orange calcite frog (color is deep yellow) on a smooth black calcite oval base.  Excellent craftsmanship and artist's love of the carving is evident.

Chakras: 1st/Root, 2nd/Sacral, 3rd/Solar


Frog of Transformation! A perfect pairing:  Calcite and Frog Medicine. Just as the frog is the harbinger of our environmental condition, calcite is the stone of world consciousness.  What a perfect combination for meditation, healing, intention...and besides, it is so cute!  Great gift for the frog collector, the child fascinated by these amphibians, or the young lady who yearns for her Prince Charming!


SRP: $40.00

Wisdom Light Everyday Discount Price: $29.99
Shipping & Insurance: $0.00

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